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Testersuite test findings in Azure DevOps?

November 9, 2023

Link Testersuite with Azure DevOps

Of course you are already familiar with the TOPdesk and JIRA integration in Testersuite. But do you already know that Testersuite is linkable with many more applications via our API? For example, it is now possible to connect your Testersuite environment with your Azure DevOps application.

When using Azure DevOps within your organization, it is of course ideal when developers pick up test results from Testersuite from within Azure DevOps. This requires a link between Testersuite and Azure DevOps. Test findings are then transferred from Testersuite to Azure DevOps to be picked up and updated by your team.

Extension Testersuite API

The Testersuite team is continuously working to expand the Testersuite API. As a result, we are providing more and more opportunities to link Testersuite with other systems. With the recent new release, the Testersuite API has gained even more capabilities for retrieving data around defects. This has made it easier to retrieve multiple defects simultaneously based on filters you choose.

For example, you can choose to request new or updated defects, or only defects with a certain priority or status. Of course, all your data from custom fields is also included. You use the data obtained from Testersuite to prepare or update the necessary information for your developers in Azure DevOps. The power of this link has made it easier to streamline this process.

More data from Testersuite to Azure DevOps

In addition to the new capabilities for retrieving defects, it is now also possible to download the attachments of Testersuite-defects, test cases, etc.. via the API. This way you can be sure that your developers in Azure Devops will not miss any essential information.  

Are you curious about the technical side of our API? Then take a look at our API documentation here. Want to know more about the link between Testersuite and Azure DevOps and what this means for your situation? Then schedule a no-obligation consultation with our consultant here. Of course you can also spar with our consultant about other possibilities for interfacing between Testersuite and other systems.

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