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Frequently asked questions

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General questions

Do I need to install software when I start Testersuite ?
Can I configure Testersuite to fit our own workflow?
Do I need training before I can work with Testersuite ?
I need support in setting up my testing process. Can you help with that?
We already have test cases. Can we import them into Testersuite?
What types of tests can I perform with Testersuite?
What software can I test with Testersuite ?
Are the prices at Testersuite all inclusive?
How often does Testersuite deliver new releases?
Is my data safe in Testersuite?
I get a message that the maximum number of users has been reached. How can I continue?

Questions about Testersuite FREE

Is the FREE version really free?
Can I start using Testersuite FREE right away?
How can I upgrade my FREE version to a PRO version?

Questions about Testersuite PRO

Can I work with more than 100 users at the same time in the PRO version?
Can I link to other systems in the PRO version?
Can we use our own procurement and security terms and conditions when purchasing Testersuite PRO?

Questions about Testersuite PREMIUM

Do I have all the modules and functionalities available with Testersuite Premium?
What are the prices of Testersuite PREMIUM?

Powerful functionality

Start test cycles and import test products, requirements or release notes
Design new test cases, retrieve test cases from regression test set or import existing Excel test cases
Plan test execution, assign testers and inform testers automatically using the workflow function
Register defects, centrally coordinate processing and streamline cooperation using automatic workflows
Report on test progress, test results and easily inform stakeholders

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