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Is the test basis for specifying tests missing? Don't have a good tool for creating test cases? Does test execution take a lot of time? Does the registration of defects not happen in the tool you test with? Then it's time to explore Testersuite !

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Use a good testing tool!

If you are a professional tester then we don't need to explain the added value of a testing tool. Whether it is about specifying test cases or running tests. Or to capture test results and quickly register test findings. For this, you obviously want to use a user-friendly tool so that you can work quickly and have everything neatly together.

There is no good test basis

An important prerequisite for specifying test cases is a good test basis. For example, in the form of requirements, user stories, workflows or functional designs. The test basis describes the desired operation or design of, for example, custom software or standard applications. By testing, the desired operation must be demonstrated.

When you are asked to specify test cases, you naturally start by looking for the test basis. Then it often turns out that there is no good test basis, or even worse, that the test basis is completely missing. Because the test object is soon to be delivered, there is no time left to prepare and deliver the desired test basis. For better or worse, you then go about specifying test cases anyway...

Testers should of course be involved much earlier in the process. So that they encourage the creation of a test base suitable for specifying test cases. Of course, this common problem is not going to be solved just by using a tool like Testersuite. However, it does help when the test basis is defined centrally. For example, in Testersuite you can create requirements and link them to the test objects they relate to.

Experience for yourself the ease of capturing and using a good test basis in Testersuite .

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Specifying test cases is laborious

For specifying test cases, Excel is widely used in practice. This is logical because Excel is available in most organizations, most employees are familiar with Excel and it is a very flexible tool. It is an excellent tool for creating logical test cases and physically working them out in test steps. Or, for example, to create a matrix of test cases based on the data combination test. However, there are also limitations when the tests are worked out in Excel.

If you want to build a maintenance-friendly test set, it makes sense to define the test cases as "building blocks" for process or chain testing. In Testersuite it is possible to combine test cases into test scenarios. A test case is then used in multiple test scenarios. If you try to do this with linked Excel files, the test set quickly becomes very laborious and confusing.

For traceability, you naturally want to link the test cases to the test objects or requirements they relate to. When the test cases are created in Excel, it becomes very complex to establish relationships to the test objects and/or requirements being tested. In Testersuite , you specify the test cases directly to the test objects or requirements they belong to.

Often you want to associate files or screenshots with test cases or test steps. When executing the test cases, these attachments must then be available. In Testersuite this is very easy, in Excel this is very difficult.

In short, for specifying test cases, Excel can initially be a great tool. However, do you want to build a well-structured and low-maintenance test set? Then import the test cases prepared in Excel into Testersuite and enrich the test set with test scenarios, attachments and relationships to test objects and requirements.

Testing and recording of results is cumbersome

After specifying test cases the tests are run by testers. If the test cases are prepared in Excel then the test results must be recorded in those same Excel files. For a small number of tests, this is still fine. However, when more tests are involved, and business testers are also involved, recording test results quickly becomes very time-consuming and error-prone.

The solution to this is to detach the specification and execution of test cases. In Testersuite , you very easily create test runs with the test cases to be executed. While running the tests, the results can be specified at the test step level. In addition, a tester can link files or screenshots to the result of the test step. And if the result of a test step is NOT OK, the option is immediately offered to create a test finding at the corresponding test step.

Also experience the convenience of running test cases in Testersuite!

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Registering defects is time-consuming

Recording test findings during testing is often very time-consuming. You want to give a good description of the actions performed, the expected result and the actual result. In addition, you usually want to add and edit screenshots. All this to ensure that the person who has to solve the defect can reproduce the problem.

In Testersuite , recording test findings is very simple. While running the tests, you immediately create defects . The test case, including the test steps are automatically added to defect . In addition, the test object or requirement to which the defect relates is automatically placed in the defect . The tester can directly paste screenshots from the clipboard and edit in Testersuite.

Also experience the ease with which defects can be registered in Testersuite. We would be happy to show you how this works sometime.

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