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Business application testing.

Do you still need to test yourself if you use standard (SaaS) applications? Even if you have few production issues? Many companies struggle daily with these and many other questions about testing. Yes, testing is and remains extremely important. We are happy to tell you why and how you can improve your testing process.

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Testing prevents misery

Structured testing of standard applications upon changes and new releases is extremely important. Be it on-premises or SaaS applications. We often see companies not testing enough and not in a structured way. As a result, you don't achieve good test coverage and you can expect production problems sooner or later. Good test coverage and its capture are additionally important for auditor reviews, audits and certifications. Every day we help companies structure and optimize the testing process based on the best practices in Testersuite. Regardless of what level the organization's testing process is at.

Rapidly changing information systems

Every business today is an IT business. Whether in industry, retail, construction, logistics or finance. Those who want to react quickly to changing markets need reliable information systems. This requires regular adaptation of information systems. Here, the smallest software bug can already be fatal. A good testing process is therefore enormously important! But how do you do that efficiently? And how do you keep an overview?

Our Testersuite consultants deal daily with companies that want and need to rely on their information systems. A good test approach is of vital importance here. Overview, grip and control of the testing process are decisive in this. Regardless of an organization's level of test maturity, Testersuite successfully helps companies test business applications better and smarter. Want to know what we can do for you? Then feel free to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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Audits, controls and certifications

There are increasing regulations regarding personal data protection. The number of cyber-attacks is increasing and cybersecurity is an important topic on which the government is legislating. Certifications and standards such as ISO, NEN and the upcoming NIS2 are becoming increasingly important for management organizations.

When you, as a company, have to deal with audits and accountant audits, burden of proof is going to play an important role. This means you need to be able to demonstrate what you test, how often you test and how testing was done. Don't forget your defects registration and the status of solutions and their retesting.

With Testersuite you have an overview and grip on your testing process. In audits or certification processes, you quickly and easily demonstrate how testing and validation have been performed.

Quickly responding to customer needs

For a company, nothing is more important than being able to respond quickly to constantly changing customer needs. The constant race for customer favor still sometimes wants to cause insufficient or careless testing. This is risky and unnecessary.

We help you in 1 day to establish a mature test process in Testersuite. The efficient workflows, the fast reproduction of regression test sets, the execution of test scenarios ensure that you keep an overview and that you test what you need to test. Testersuite helps you save valuable time.
In Testersuite you can find an up-to-date overview of your test cycles and defects 24/7. Do you want to know from above whether an application can go live? With Testersuite you can immediately demonstrate why a go live is justified or not.

Wondering how you can set up this process for your business applications? We are happy to think along with you!

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Lack of time and manpower to test

A common argument for companies' lack of a solid testing process is lack of time and manpower. However, the right tooling can quickly make this argument go away. When you start setting up a testing process and use a testing tool like Testersuite , experience shows that users quickly master the tool.

Here it is important to start small. For example, start with testing an application change or release that does not involve too many people. Here you use Testersuite for the preparation and execution of the tests. Then evaluate test cycle, make improvements and start a larger test cycle with Testersuite.

Practice shows that this is the best way to implement and secure a good testing process within your organization. The intuitive nature of Testersuite ensures that users quickly master the application.

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five golden stars
"Testersuite is very user-friendly and intuitive. You can work with it almost immediately"

"Testersuite is very user-friendly and intuitive. You can work with it almost immediately, even if you don't have an ICT background. Because everything is in one tool, you no longer have confusion about the status of defects or people working with different lists." Read more...

Dorian de Groot
Koning Willem I College
five golden stars
"Our test-automation tool was not ideally set up. We rectified that by starting with Testersuite, among other things."

"Our test-automation tool was not ideally set up. We rectified that by starting with Testersuite, among other things. This gives us immediate insight into the progress and quality of the automated tests. Also for the project manager and release manager. They can also see this in Testersuite. Real-time information provides insight into the status of quality and planning. It gives you steering information for time, planning and money." Read more...

Henk van de Wardt
five golden stars
"Testersuite helps create a foundation for acceptance by, among other things, finding defects early in the testing phase."

"Testersuite helps with communication to all stakeholders within the IT project. Simplicity for key users in terms of use. Key users can be in control. Without this tool you are at the mercy of Word, Excel and e-mail, which is back to the stone age. Furthermore, Testersuite helps create a basis for acceptance by, among other things, finding defects early in the test phase." Read more...

Koen Janssen
five golden stars
"Tools like Testersuite are the future because you can manage and streamline test cycles very well."

"Tools like Testersuite are the future because you can manage and streamline test cycles very well. Whether one uses the exploratory test functionality or the normal UI in Testersuite, everyone is forced to log defects in the same way. Testersuite solves a lot for me in that regard. It gives me the ability to stay 'in control'." Read more...

Bart Kuunders
five golden stars
"Testersuite provides the ideal platform for deploying our Test Shop Infrastructure to customers."

"Testersuite provides the ideal platform for deploying our Test Shop Infrastructure to customers."

Robert Cornelisse
five golden stars
"Reuse of test sets, which we built at Testersuite , saves a lot of time in the SAP rollout to our sites."

"For me as a test coordinator, it is very nice to have a good tool with which I can easily do test preparation and test coordination. With Testersuite it is very easy for me to prepare all the tests in the right order. It helps give structure to my test cycles. I find the Masterlist module a useful feature for managing and using (retrieving) the regression test cases and test scenarios." Read more...

Pascal v.d. Brink

Powerful functionality

Start test cycles and import test products, requirements or release notes
Design new test cases, retrieve test cases from regression test set or import existing Excel test cases
Plan test execution, assign testers and inform testers automatically using the workflow function
Register defects, centrally coordinate processing and streamline cooperation using automatic workflows
Report on test progress, test results and easily inform stakeholders
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