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New standard interface with TOPdesk Change Management

May 4, 2022

XML integration module outdated

Testersuite has had a standard link with the TOPdesk Change Management module for over 8 years. With this link, TOPdesk changes can be retrieved from Testersuite for testing there.

However, this link is based on TOPdesk's outdated XML integration module. We have recently stopped offering this link as TOPdesk is phasing out the XML Integration Module and replacing it with the TOPdesk API.

New TOPdesk link via API

As of early May 2022, the standard coupling in Testersuite with the TOPdesk module Change Management has become available based on the TOPdesk API. This new standard coupling is easier to configure and is a lot more stable than the old coupling. The conceptual operation of the coupling is shown in the images below.

Are you Testersuite user and would you like to know more about the link or support in configuring the Testersuite - TOPdesk link? Please send an email to Testersuite support.

Are you not yet a Testersuite user and want to know more? Then contact us.

Schematic view of integration

figure showing the integration between TOPdesk and Testersuite (1)
Retrieve TOPdesk changes.

figure showing the integration between TOPdesk and Testersuite (2)
Changes and requirements are synchronised.

figure showing the integration between TOPdesk and Testersuite (3)
Status change requirement is synchronised in the changes.

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