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Are you not getting enough time and resources for your testing project? Is test maturity and organizational commitment insufficient? Are you spending a lot of time reporting and communicating with stakeholders? Testersuite makes your life a lot easier!

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The ease of setting up a testing project. Quick acceptance by organizations with low test maturity. The simplicity of coordinating and managing testers. Real-time visibility into test coverage and progress. Out-of-the-box integrations, for example with JIRA. Experience completely without obligation what Testersuite can do for your test project.

The level is low and there is little time

Every test manager runs into this problem in their testing projects. Administrators and end users who need to test know the process but have little to no understanding of testing. Good test cases do not exist so they must be created. But how do you get that done if the knowledge and skill to create good test cases is lacking? And what can you do if too little time is set aside for creating test cases?

Providing a clear structure and support in creating the test scenarios gives the testers a foothold. In this way, you enable them to elaborate the test scenarios independently. Working with reusable building blocks can also save time. Having some of the testers test 'exploratory' instead of 'scenario-based' can also save time. It is then important that the testers can easily record the test steps and test results during exploratory testing.

With Testersuite you quickly set up a good structure of test cases and test scenarios. In addition, both exploratory testing and scenario-based testing are supported. We are happy to show you how this works!

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Little commitment to my testing approach

Many testing projects are conducted within organizations where test maturity is very low. This means that it is difficult to gain sufficient understanding and commitment to a structured testing approach.

For many test managers, the challenge of a testing project begins with obtaining clear, measurable requirements. Here it is important that the requirements have a relationship to the test objects they relate to (e.g., application modules). When this is done then test cases must be created for the requirements. The test cases should be executed on the test object with the test results and test findings recorded. Such a structured test approach makes a lot of sense to you as a test manager. But how do you ensure understanding and commitment for your approach within the organization?

A lot of explaining and communicating you will say. True, but you are a lot more effective when you do this using a structured test approach in Testersuite. Everyone will quickly understand how the testing process works, why such a structured approach is important, and what is expected of them within the testing process. Wondering how this can help you in your testing project?

Reporting to stakeholders takes a lot of time

Reporting on test coverage and progress is important to keep stakeholders informed about the status of your test project. The first question you will ask yourself is "who are my stakeholders? The next question is what are their expectations, what information do they need and with what frequency? Once this is clear, as a test manager you have to make sure that you meet the expectations of your stakeholders. This is often difficult and very time-consuming. That's a shame because it needs to take little to no time when you have a good test approach and use a good test management tool.

Testersuite includes by default most of the reports you need as a test manager to report properly. In addition, you can easily create your own reports in Testersuite. You can share the reports with your stakeholders or give stakeholders access with read access so they can monitor the status of the test project themselves. Curious about the possibilities? We would like to show you how you can easily report from a structured test approach with Testersuite.

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A uniform method of working is important

With structure and uniformity, you can ensure that everyone in your test project works in the same way. This prevents ambiguity and misunderstandings and you prevent unnecessary delays in the test work. This means that there must be clear agreements on how things are to be registered. Think of describing test scenarios, recording test results and registering test findings. This often involves the use of multiple tools such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint but also e-mails. This means that a uniform way of recording in your test project becomes very difficult. Relating different parts such as requirements, test cases and test findings to each other is almost impossible. And then you, as the test manager, have to ensure good test reports based on all those separate documents. A very time-consuming and error-prone job.

When you use Testersuite in your test project, a uniform way of working and recording is enforced. You keep things centralized and you as a test manager spend much less time educating the testers in your test project. For example, you can require testers to make a test finding if they give a test step the status Not OK. And when recording test findings, the tester is encouraged to attach a screenshot. As a result, as a test manager, you spend a lot less time chasing testers who do not register any or incomplete defects . You have visibility into the status of your test project at all times and no unnecessary time is wasted because the way of working is clear to everyone. Wondering how this works in Testersuite?

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What our customers say...

"The approachability and ease of use of Testersuite is the way to bring non-IT people into the testing process."

Maastricht UMC+
Henk Egberink

"Our test automation tool was not ideally set up. We rectified that by starting with Testersuite among others."

Henk van de Wardt

"Testersuite helps to create a basis for acceptance by, among other things, finding defects early in the test phase."

Koen Janssen

"Tools like Testersuite are the future because you can manage and streamline test cycles very well."

Bart Kuunders

"By using Testersuite , we make the quality of testing transparent and can easily manage progress."

Sander Hassert

"With Testersuite we are able to quickly and properly test new releases of our EHR."

Sander Keijzer

"I have successfully introduced all projects at the Eindhoven City Council thanks to Testersuite. This was appreciated time and time again."

Municipality of Eindhoven
Paul van der Geer

"Testersuite provides the ideal platform for deploying our Test Shop Infrastructure at customers' premises."

Robert Cornelisse

"Reuse of test sets, which we have built up in Testersuite , saves a lot of time when SAP is rolled out to our sites."

Pascal v.d. Brink

"Testersuite contributes to the test maturity within the province of North Brabant by tackling the test process in a more structured way."

Province of North Brabant
Daniëlle Verduin

"Testersuite gives us control over the testing process and simplifies the management of the user acceptance tests.

Jeroen Bosch Hospital
Rinus v.d. Oever

"Testersuite has helped the Municipality of Apeldoorn to bring focus, structure and simplicity to the testing process.

Municipality of Apeldoorn
Rob van Gils

"Thanks to the clear test reports, we were able to make timely adjustments and take well-founded decisions."

Frans Kassenaar

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Start test cycles and import test products, requirements or release notes
Design new test cases, retrieve test cases from regression test set or import existing Excel test cases
Plan test execution, assign testers and inform testers automatically using the workflow function
Register defects, centrally coordinate processing and streamline cooperation using automatic workflows
Report on test progress, test results and easily inform stakeholders
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