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Testing applications in government.

The government is conducting more and more business online. Citizens and organizations therefore expect a digital government that is secure and reliable. Good testing is therefore important for government agencies. But how do you organize a good testing process?

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Testing enterprise applications.
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Can the government test better and smarter?

Do you work within the government and find your organization's test maturity still very low? Or is testing already handled quite professionally? At whatever level your organization's test maturity is, there is always room for smarter and better testing. Testersuite helps you do this regardless of how professionally your organization tests. The great thing is that you can always get started quickly with Testersuite. Every day we help ministries, provinces, municipalities and other government agencies improve the testing process based on the best practices in Testersuite.

Responding quickly to technological changes

Technology is constantly evolving. Digital government must constantly keep up to date to meet the expectations of citizens and businesses. New platforms, devices and technologies can affect the performance and usability of software. Therefore, it is imperative that solid testing be done. In addition, test teams within digital government need to be flexible. Adequate and quick response to technological changes is necessary to ensure the quality of digital services.

In order to be able to switch and respond quickly as a digital government within the testing process, it is important to organize the testing process well. Even more important is to do this centrally as much as possible. Here, familiar applications such as Word and Excel are not ideal, indeed testing in Excel is hell.

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Testing interoperability and data exchange

A digital government includes multiple agencies and organizations exchanging information. Ensuring seamless interoperability between different systems is a challenge in itself. Software testing should focus not only on individual services, but also on the exchange of data between systems.

Using standardized protocols and testing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are essential to identify and resolve interoperability issues. By doing so, you prevent major problems in a timely manner as bugs and defects enter production environments.

Citizen-oriented and business-oriented testing

The needs and expectations of citizens and businesses are constantly changing. Digital government must respond to these changes. Citizen-centric and business-oriented testing is crucial to understanding how users experience digital services and what improvements are needed.

User acceptance testing (GAT) and collecting feedback from citizens and businesses, helps identify bottlenecks and optimize the user experience. It also ensures timely error detection and risk identification.

No matter how well an application is conceived and designed, there is always someone who interprets or uses an application differently. Citizen- and business-oriented testing is therefore a very valuable tool.

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Burden of proof good testing process in audit

In implementations, migrations, new releases of applications, etc., management and the board will expect proper testing to be performed and can be demonstrated. In external audits and auditor control of the change process, it must be demonstrated that testing has been done properly. This usually requires insight into what was tested, how it was tested and who approved what and released it for production.

When you use Testersuite it takes no time to provide these types of reports. This makes it quick and easy to demonstrate that testing has been done properly. This is because test progress and test coverage are automatically recorded per application component and/or requirement. With one click the desired reports are made visible.

Would you like to provide all stakeholders with the right information without it costing you time? We will gladly show you how easy this works in Testersuite.

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five golden stars
"Testersuite is very user-friendly and intuitive. You can work with it almost immediately"

"Testersuite is very user-friendly and intuitive. You can work with it almost immediately, even if you don't have an ICT background. Because everything is in one tool, you no longer have confusion about the status of defects or people working with different lists." Read more...

Dorian de Groot
Koning Willem I College
five golden stars
"As a tester, you can put everything you need into the test case build of Testersuite."

"As a tester, you can put everything you need in the test case build of Testersuite. It is also very easy to register defects . As an administrator, especially organizing regression tests is ideal from Testersuite." Read more...

Andries Troost
Municipality of Amsterdam
five golden stars
"Testersuite provides structure, creates insight, portability and control over the testing process."

"Testersuite provides structure, insight creation, portability and control of the testing process. We link Testersuite to our ITSM tool. Then you get a grip on all changes and thus on the whole process of change and release. With a new release you still want to do a regression test. It's great that soon the internal auditor will also be able to check this because it's in Testersuite ." Read more...

Trea Bleker
Municipality of Groningen
five golden stars
"I successfully introduced all projects at the Municipality of Eindhoven thanks to Testersuite. This was appreciated time and again."

"I successfully introduced all projects at the Municipality of Eindhoven thanks to Testersuite. This was appreciated time and again."

Paul van der Geer
Municipality of Eindhoven
five golden stars
"Testersuite contributes to test maturity within the province of North Brabant by taking a more structured approach to the testing process."

"Testersuite contributes to test maturity within the province of North Brabant by taking a more structured approach to the testing process."

Daniëlle Verduin
Province of North Brabant
five golden stars
"Testersuite helped the Municipality of Apeldoorn bring focus, structure and simplicity within the testing process."

"It was really out of control to manage the many data from Excel. Now we can store and access the results and defects in Testersuite in a nice way. That goes very well via Testersuite . You can inform all stakeholders directly with a link to Testersuite. That makes the process much more transparent." Read more...‍

Rob van Gils
Municipality of Apeldoorn

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Plan test execution, assign testers and inform testers automatically using the workflow function
Register defects, centrally coordinate processing and streamline cooperation using automatic workflows
Report on test progress, test results and easily inform stakeholders
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