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Does the client set high quality standards for your IT project? Is it difficult to avoid 'scope creep'? Is testing and acceptance by the user organization important? Do you want to save costs and time through an efficient testing process? Testersuite makes your life a lot easier!

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A good testing tool is half the battle.

A process-oriented approach and scope capture. Real-time visibility and control of scope, progress and quality. Easily involve the user organization in testing and acceptance. Delivery of the project to clients and transfer to management. With Testersuite you can execute projects better, cheaper and faster!

Managing scope and quality is difficult

It is always a challenge for project managers to ensure that the deliverables, which are within the project scope, are of sufficient quality. In doing so, the deliverables must be delivered within the available project budget and on time.

Schematic representation 4 attributes of project management.

The four attributes, scope, quality, cost and time, are communicating vessels. An unforeseen deviation from the scope and/or the agreed level of quality, directly affects cost and/or time. Saving money quickly leads to lower quality and/or longer lead time.

As a project manager, you naturally want to prevent the scope from being expanded unnoticed, without explicitly defining a new scope (a 'scope creep'). As a result, money and time are invested in things that are not on the plan.

There can be many causes for a 'scope creep'. Consider unclear or unrealistic project goals, poor communication or too many stakeholders. However, it is impossible to keep a grip on the scope and quality if these are not recorded and kept up to date.

When the testing activities within your project are carried out in Testersuite, you as project manager have continuous insight into the current scope and quality of the IT system to be delivered. In addition, you can also register and monitor the other project deliverables in Testersuite . We would be happy to show you how this works in practice!

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Save time and money with an efficient testing process

Within IT projects, too little importance is often attached to a good test approach and a streamlined test process. Everyone tests in their own way, mutual communication is poor and too much time is spent testing unimportant parts.

By setting up the testing process properly, you ensure that errors are detected at an early stage. This leads to lower recount costs because the earlier you identify and fix problems, the less impact they have on your project. It prevents small problems from growing into large obstacles.

Risk-based testing is a smart approach to testing more efficiently. By focusing on the most critical parts of a system, you minimize risk, and prevent serious problems from coming to light late in the project. It also helps you use time and resources more effectively.

With Testersuite , you can quickly establish a best-practices-based testing process for your project. That way, testing is enforced uniformly and risk-based and errors are detected early. Using workflows, the testing process is streamlined and test results are recorded centrally.

Wondering how to apply this in your projects? We like to think along with you!

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Easily involve the management and user organization in your project

Administrators, key users and end users are important for the successful execution of IT projects. They provide input for the drafting of requirements and help think about the system's design. They also have an important role in preparing and executing tests and accepting project deliverables.

The setup decisions that are made ultimately lead to a test base. This test base is necessary to design and eventually execute the appropriate tests. As the tests are performed, the results must be recorded so that test progress and test coverage can be monitored.

It seems logical to use Excel to perform the testing. After all, that is a tool that everyone knows and can use. Moreover, it seems like a nice savings on licensing costs for a testing tool and training users to work with a testing tool would not be necessary. However, nothing could be further from the truth! This is typically a case of 'penny wise, pound foolish'. See also our blog on testing with Excel.

Using a good test management tool in your project, will result in considerable savings. This is because the work is done much more efficiently and errors are detected at an earlier stage. In addition, it benefits the quality of the project deliverables and, as project leader, you have visibility into the current test progress and coverage.

When using Testersuite, it is not necessary to train administrators and users to work with the test tool. Testersuite works very simply and intuitively, a short instruction is sufficient. It is very easy to get the administration and user organization working with Testersuite and involved in your project. We would love to show you how user-friendly Testersuite is!

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Smooth delivery to client and management

One of the challenges for project managers is to deliver the project to the satisfaction of the client and the management organization. How do you demonstrate that the project objectives have been met, and how do you ensure that the delivered system can be properly managed? In other words, the deliverables (scope) with the desired quality, have been realized within time and budget.

A mature testing process within your project plays a very large role in the successful execution and delivery of your project. A test management tool such as Testersuite is indispensable for this. In the first place it leads to savings in time and money. In addition, the acceptance of the project deliverables is centrally recorded. So you have proof of acceptance by the management and user organization without extra effort.

The management organization expects the project to deliver good regression tests. When using Testersuite, it is possible to write away the tests performed in the project to a central regression test set. The management organization can make use of these regression tests when testing future changes and releases. So delivering the regression tests to management does not cost the project any extra time.

Are you curious what advantages this can mean for your projects? We would love to talk to you further about this topic!

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What our customers say...

five golden stars

"A clear and simple way to convey what testing is"

Zuiderzeeland Water Board
René Terbijhe
five golden stars

"Testersuite is very user-friendly and intuitive. You can work with it almost immediately"

Koning Willem I College
Dorian de Groot
five golden stars

"With Testersuite you get a grip on the situation and stay transparent. For me, that's the biggest win."

Wendy Brown
five golden stars

"By using Testersuite , it is traceable in which test step something goes wrong."

Green Heart Hospital
Bas Geukes
five golden stars

"Testersuite is a tool that is easy, intuitive and no nonsense to use."

Red Cross Flanders
Tom Van Den Broeck
five golden stars

"As a tester, you can put everything you need into the test case build of Testersuite."

Municipality of Amsterdam
Andries Troost
five golden stars

"In Testersuite everything is registered centrally. Now we no longer have to search for everything together across numerous different systems."

Thomas Jansen
five golden stars

"Testersuite provides structure, creates insight, portability and control over the testing process."

Municipality of Groningen
Trea Bleker
five golden stars

"The approachability and ease of use of Testersuite is the way to bring non-IT people into the testing process."

Maastricht UMC+
Henk Egberink
five golden stars

"Our test-automation tool was not ideally set up. We rectified that by starting with Testersuite, among other things."

Henk van de Wardt
five golden stars

"Testersuite helps create a foundation for acceptance by, among other things, finding defects early in the testing phase."

Koen Janssen
five golden stars

"Tools like Testersuite are the future because you can manage and streamline test cycles very well."

Bart Kuunders
five golden stars

"By using Testersuite , we make the quality of testing transparent and can easily manage progress."

Peter Smit

Powerful functionality

Start test cycles and import test products, requirements or release notes
Design new test cases, retrieve test cases from regression test set or import existing Excel test cases
Plan test execution, assign testers and inform testers automatically using the workflow function
Register defects, centrally coordinate processing and streamline cooperation using automatic workflows
Report on test progress, test results and easily inform stakeholders

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