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Testersuite 2015 user meeting

July 24, 2015

Organizations of varying sizes and industries are using Testersuite to make application testing easier and more manageable. This diversity provided attendees of the Testersuite user meeting of fall 2014 provided a lot of mutual knowledge exchange. Due to this success, a user meeting will be organized this year as well.

Therefore, on Tuesday, September 8, the Testersuite user meeting 2015 will be held in the afternoon. The purpose of the meeting is:

  • Meet other Testersuite users;
  • Exchange experiences regarding testing challenges and the use of Testersuite;
  • Inventory of wishes in the field of functionalities.

Testersuite 4.0

In addition, much of the meeting is dedicated to an entirely new version, Testersuite 4.0. This new version contains very many functional improvements and a completely redesigned Master List with more flexibility. Attendees at the meeting will receive a detailed explanation of this new version and all its improvements.

In addition, the participants in the meeting will be extensively informed about current and future developments.

You will come too, won't you?

The meeting starts at 13:00 and lasts until 17:00. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to talk over a snack and a drink.

Sign up can be done through your Testersuite administrator no later than Friday, Aug. 7.

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