Review Testersuite user-day 2015

September 9, 2015

On Tuesday 8 September Testersuite organised the annual meeting for Testersuite users and administrators. Besides a substantive programme that was largely focused on the upcoming Testersuite 4 release, there was plenty of room to get acquainted and exchange experiences with other Testersuite users.

Retrospective 2014

After the opening, the participants looked back at the results of the 2014 meeting. An important point here were the customer wishes that were put forward by the users present at the time. Most of these wishes have now been realised and will become available with the release of Testersuite 4.

Testersuite user-day
Frank Paymans explains to Testersuite users.

Testersuite 4

On Friday 18 September the roll-out of Testersuite 4 will begin. Given the size of this 'major' release, an extensive explanation is given on how the conversion process will take place. After this explanation, the most important changes were shown in an extensive live demo. The main focus was on the flexibility in customising, the renewed list screens and the completely new set-up of the Masterlist. As of Monday 21 September all customers will have Testersuite 4 at their disposal.

Customer requirements

The development agenda of Testersuite is largely influenced by users' wishes. The user meeting plays a key role in this, by giving those present the opportunity to make their wishes known. The attendees were also asked to prioritise the proposed developments. These priorities will be included in the further development process of the next releases.

Annual event

After the formal part, there was an extensive after-dinner discussion over a snack and a drink. The exchange of knowledge and experience between the various organisations present once again proved valuable.

If you cannot wait for the 2016 user meeting, visit us at the TMap day 2015 on 29 September in Bussum, the Testnet autumn event on 14 October in Nieuwegein or at the Tooling Event on 4 and 5 November in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

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