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Tester gives Testersuite an 8.3

December 19, 2018

A tester is used to giving his judgment. Therefore, the Testersuite Team asked all users of Testersuite to give their opinion about the tool. Just as it was always exciting in the past to see what your Christmas report would look like, we were very curious to see what we would get back from the Testersuite users.

The opinion of the Tester

Drum 8.3! And we are very happy with that...

The Testersuite team accomplished great things again last year. And we did so with only one goal in mind: to create fans! We are well aware that an 8.3 is a nice mark, but of course it still offers room for improvement. And that is what we as Testersuite team are going for in 2019, from good to great!

Woman cheering.

In order to interpret the rating even better, we also did an NPS (Net Promoter Score) measurement. This yielded a very high NPS of 40.5. This means that a very large number of users would recommend Testersuite to a friend or colleague. If you compare this to a usual NPS of 20-30 within the business service industry, you know that Testersuite with its score carries a great responsibility towards the tester to ensure the level.

Sticking to vision

By sticking to our vision that testing should be simple and easy for the tester, we have already helped many organizations, test managers, project managers and IT managers take their testing process to a higher maturity level. This also means engaging with our customers and involving them in the latest developments. Is all the feedback we get from Testersuite users used? Not when it conflicts with our vision that testing should be simple and easy for the tester. And this is why we are appreciated.

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