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The simplicity of a powerful test tool

December 4, 2018

The Testersuite team strongly believes in the power of simplicity. Whether it 's using a testing tool or booking a trip online, simplicity makes our lives more enjoyable. And in fact, it's fair to say that the penchant for simplicity is generic.

We are plunging into social media in order to communicate with the entire world with the greatest simplicity. At the same time, we look back at the past with a nostalgic feeling that everything used to be so convenient - read simple. Whether it concerns the future, the present or the past, man seems to be programmed to embrace simplicity.


Simplicity is difficult

Johan Cruijff once said: "Football is a simple game but playing simple football is very difficult". And he hit the nail on the head with this. Because no matter how much we like to keep things simple, mankind always manages to make things unnecessarily complicated.

For example, I know someone who bought a microwave against his better judgement because you can do all sorts of things with it. Whereas the question should have been what am I going to do with it? The answer to this question would have been heating and defrosting. You understand that 95% of the functions of this microwave oven were never used.

Another example that many of us have experienced is the purchase of an expensive application or ERP system. After the software went into production, most of the end users soon returned to their familiar Excel. Or they went in search of shadow IT. Leaving the application managers behind in their self-created complex bubble.

Sophisticated and easy to implement test process

So there are plenty of reasons why things should be kept simple. This does not mean that there is no need to think things through. Of course, an IT department should know very well how the IT processes run.

Do you opt for the Waterfall method or for Scrum/Agile, for DevOps, or do you work according to the Kanban principle. The same applies to your test process. How do you set it up and what tooling do you use? More and more organisations realise that you cannot make the transition from a barely organised test process to automated testing.

You will first have to set up a thorough testing process. Regardless of whether you want to do this just to switch to automated testing. In the end, a good test process is not about convenience for the IT department but about reliable software and user acceptance. And the latter is open to multiple interpretations:

  1. A good testing process aims to detect errors in time to avoid repair costs and incidents
  2. A good test process should be smart and easy to implement, so that users can easily be involved in the process and new software is more quickly accepted.

Test Tool

At Testersuite we believe that a good test tool is indispensable if you want to realize the above points. And more importantly, a test tool that is smart (through, for example, links with TOPdesk, JIRA and various tools for test automation), well thought-out and powerful but above all, offers simplicity of use.

For both the test manager and test coordinator and for the end users who are involved in the testing process. Especially the latter group plays a crucial role in getting new software, updates, releases, etc. accepted. Would you like to know how we do it and why our customers recently rewarded us with a NPS score of 39.8? In the video below, we explain it in 2 minutes:

Do you also want to test better and smarter?

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