Webinar: Better Living Through Better Testing

April 29, 2021

Organisations today are becoming increasingly dependent on IT. Where IT once served to support business processes, it is now an important means of achieving business objectives. IT is therefore increasingly becoming the backbone of the organisation. This is no different for housing corporations.

Webinar Testersuite and HKP for test process improvement housing corporations

Managing, adapting and testing...

The application landscape as the backbone of the organisation. Ideal for organising your business processes, but it also provides the necessary challenges. Think of (new) releases, (new) implementations & migrations and more and more applications from the cloud (SaaS). This all results in a chain of activities such as testing, taking into production, carrying out releases/updates, (regression) testing, implementing changes, testing again, etc. The big question is: how are you going to manage this entire process so that the business suffers as little as possible from disruptions and you meet the requirements that an accountant sets for the change process.

Webinar Better Living Through Better Testing

Test specialist Hoffman Krul & Partners(HKP) and test management tool specialist Testersuite have recently joined forces. The test knowledge of HKP combined with the tool knowledge of Testersuite forms a strong proposition to help housing corporations further in their test maturity and quality management. A first achievement of this new cooperation is the webinar Better Living Through Better Testing. In this 45-minute webinar, HKP and Testersuite discuss the above issue. Best practices and years of experience with various housing corporations will be used. Speakers during this webinar are Jasper Tijsma (Consultant at HKP) and Frank Paymans (Product Owner Testersuite).

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