Recording of test results - How it can be done!

October 30, 2018
recording of test results out of the box

A wise man once said, "It is in human nature to think wisely and act foolishly". And that is precisely why man constantly looks for something to hold on to. For example, by inventing processes. But how do you ensure that processes are observed? And perhaps even more interesting, can we learn and make use of other processes? The smart project manager knows how!

Smart approach?

A successful test cycle stands or falls with a good execution and the right way of recording test results. This means that there must be a certain level of maturity within test cycle. The more mature the test cycle is, the more valuable the results will be. And that is exactly where process description and compliance come in. But it is also where things often go wrong. The question now is: how do you tackle this cleverly?

In our opinion, these are the two most important answers:

  • Deployment of smart tooling.
  • Clever "nicking"!

Recording test results idea

Better to steal well than...

That we are fans of good tooling is obvious. What we love even more is smart tooling. And we are particularly referring to tooling that intelligently helps to describe a process, to execute it, to comply with it and simply helps to record test results. The latter is especially true when users are 'forced' to use a tool.

So what do we mean by smart grasping? As indicated at the beginning of this blog, it can be very valuable to look at other processes and learn from them. Or to copy them yourself. Why reinvent the wheel when you can take quick steps?

An example

The process of software testing is not an isolated one. It can be applied to numerous testing projects. So too with testing - charging stations - for electric cars. Something that the project management of ElaadNL realised very well after a trial period with Testersuite. Instead of testing software, ElaadNL uses Testersuite for the test project Smart Charging and more.

"Knowledge and innovation centre ElaadNL researches and tests the possibilities for Smart Charging: charging electric vehicles in a reliable, affordable and sustainable way.
Capture test results by ElaadNL

Recording of test results

Setting up, executing, complying with and recording test results as a process is therefore very well applicable to various test cycles. At Testersuite we are therefore eager to see for which test cycles Testersuite can be used even more. Do you have any ideas about this or would you like to try out a project with us? We would love to hear from you!

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