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Capturing test results: what is it?

October 30, 2018

That software testing aims to reduce the likelihood of errors and risks is obvious. It is extremely important to properly record test results. Recording test results provides insight into errors, risks and problems that need to be solved. In addition, proper recording of test results also leads to new ideas and insights.

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What is a test result?

Capturing test results is a broad concept. In tester jargon, we talk about recording defects. We are not just talking about recording observed errors or bugs. When capturing defects we are talking about capturing:

  • Defects. These are bugs, errors, bug reports, etc.... that are recorded by testers. These usually need to be fixed by a software developer.
  • Improvements. A tester can record a defect suggesting an improvement.  
  • New functionality. During testing, the tester finds that a new functionality is desirable to make a process run better, for example.
  • Questions. When testing, questions may arise, for example, about the application being tested or specific ambiguities of an application.

Treating test results

As you can see, registering defects is the beginning of a path through the solution process within, and sometimes outside, the (project) organization. If this route is not well mapped out in advance, it leads to extra travel time, stranding defects or even getting lost.

The test manager or test coordinator responsible for a test cycle, ultimately determines what to do with the test findings (defects). When test findings are registered in Testersuite , they are assigned one of the following statuses:

  • Handled: The defect will be resolved by the designated person or supplier.
  • Retest: The defect is resolved and the tester can perform a retest.
  • On hold: Nothing will be done with the defect until further notice .
  • Resolved: The defect has been resolved.
  • Rejected: The test manager or test coordinator has rejected the defect .

Of course, other status options are also conceivable.

Test results not always software related

The process of software testing is not a stand-alone process. It is applicable to numerous testing projects. For example, a good example is Testersuite user ElaadNL.

‍AtElaadNL, one of the things we are engaged in is testing - charging stations - for electric cars. Instead of testing software, ElaadNL uses Testersuite for the test project Smart Charging and more.

Capture test results in Testersuite

Setting up, executing, complying with and recording test results as a process is thus very applicable to various test cycles. So we at Testersuite are excited to see what test cycles Testersuite can be used for even more. Do you have any ideas about this or would you like to try a process with us? Schedule a no-obligation demo or consultation with us.

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