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January 31, 2020

When it comes to test process optimization, we see many organizations in different industries using Testersuite. Even in the healthcare sector, more and more hospitals are choosing Testersuite for test process optimization. Besides EPIC, Nexus and SAP using hospitals, we also see an increase in Testersuite usage by HiX hospitals.

Picture of emergency entrance hospital.

Test process optimisation in width

The insight that testing is not a goal in itself is rapidly growing within the healthcare sector. Due to the increasing dependence on properly functioning applications, minimising risks and errors is becoming increasingly important. This means that professional testing of systems in a broad sense is becoming increasingly important.

"More and more hospitals are recognising the importance of a mature testing process and realise that this does not only apply to the testing of the EPD. There are many adjoining systems that carry just as many business-critical risks. This means that test process optimisation is becoming increasingly important. You have to test in a broader sense".

Frank Paymans, Productowner Testersuite

Independent test tool

Testersuite focuses on setting up, managing, executing and controlling the testing process. This makes Testersuite deployable for any type of testing process, from testing EPD releases to testing Windows migrations. This is one of the main reasons why HiX hospitals are switching to Testersuite.

Wide-ranging testing ensures that you gain a better insight into the coherence of test scenarios within your organisation. This makes it easier to identify the greatest risks within your business processes. In addition, it gives a picture of repetitive tests that could be eligible for test automation. This awareness is spreading more and more among HiX hospitals.

Testing, not checking

There are many tools on the market that claim to manage the testing process. However, this often appears to be about checking software instead of professional risk-based testing. Testing EPD software and related systems is an intensive job. This requires a mature test management application with which you can set up your test strategy well and intelligently and coordinate your test cycles . Those who use a tool only to check changes in the EPD run great risks.

Quick start with Testersuite FREE

Getting started with a test management tool is very easy. Without cost and hassle and within two minutes. Testersuite FREE supports the entire testing process from creating and executing test cases to recording test findings. With up to five users you can demonstrate in practice the added value of a good test tool. Then it's a lot easier to convince management. From there you can purchase Testersuite PRO or PREMIUM to get started with more colleagues.

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