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Test challenges in healthcare

December 16, 2015

The Jeroen Bosch Hospital is a large teaching hospital in the regions of 's-Hertogenbosch and Bommelerwaard. With more than 240 medical specialists, divided over 29 specialisms, the Jeroen Bosch Hospital is a top clinical centre for acute and specialist medical, nursing and paramedical care.

As a training hospital, the Jeroen Bosch Hospital makes an important contribution to the training of doctors, medical specialists, nurses and other care providers in the Netherlands. Working from the heart' is the motto at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital. This fits in with the aim of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital to be the most patient-safe and patient-oriented hospital in the Netherlands.

Test challenges in care, Jeroen Bosch Hospital
Jeroen Bosch Hospital

Working digitally

In order to improve patient care and serve the patient better, the Jeroen Bosch Hospital wants to work more digitally. With this in mind, the hospital has drawn up the Digital Working programme - a phased plan to digitise. An Electronic Patient File (EPD) is an important part of this programme. This EPD is essential to set up a streamlined patient process in which patient information is always and everywhere available to every authorised healthcare professional.

Structured test approach

Reliability and security are crucial in an EHR. Firstly, because doctors must be able to rely on the information provided. Secondly, the EPD contains privacy-sensitive data. Data that should only be available to authorised staff and should absolutely not be allowed to get out into the open. A structured test approach is required to assess the quality of the systems and to cover risks. In close collaboration with experienced test professionals from Sogeti, the Jeroen Bosch hospital has drawn up a TMap-based test approach.

New challenges

A structured testing approach also introduces new challenges. Given the size and complexity of the program and the large number of people involved, a need arises for real-time insight into the testing process. Insight into the progress of test design and execution, insight into test coverage and, above all, insight into risks. With the scheduling of all test activities and the collection of test results, an extensive administration arises that requires a lot of valuable time. For this reason, Testersuite was chosen to facilitate the structured testing approach.

"With the deployment of Testersuite , we are working to further professionalize and secure the testing process."
R. van den Oever, Jeroen Bosch Hospital


The Jeroen Bosch Hospital tests the EPD with the test management solution Testersuite. It reduces the amount of administration for everyone involved in the testing process. From test manager to tester and from process owner to end user. Because Testersuite is a SaaS solution, collaboration with external implementation partners or working from different locations is optimally facilitated. Testersuite provides a grip on the entire testing process and makes it possible to secure the test approach. Because the structured testing methodology is facilitated by Testersuite , the Jeroen Bosch Hospital can monitor the progress of the testing process in real time.


After implementation, testing remains an important aspect within the management organization. New releases and changes must be implemented without jeopardizing continuity. Because time and resources for testing are limited, it is important to make the best use of them. An important tool for this is Testersuite with the Masterlist function. The (regression) test set of the implementation is stored in it and can be reused and maintained in new test cycles.

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