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Testnet Summer School

June 25, 2015

On Wednesday, June 24, the NBC in Nieuwegein opened its doors for the annual TestNet Summer School. Here members of TestNet get the opportunity to further expand their test knowledge during the summer months. During the 2015 edition, Testersuite provided the training course 'Configuration and use Testersuite'.

The training consisted of a combination of test theory and practical assignments. The theoretical part started with a piece of framing and positioning of test tools as a tool to support the testing process. After explaining the various components in Testersuite , an extensive live demo was given in preparation for the assignments.

TestNet Summer School
TestNet Summer School.

After a short break, students were given access to the Summer School Testersuite environment. Assignments included creating a test cycle, creating a decomposition of the products to be tested and creating and executing tests. At the conclusion of the assignments, trainees were asked to report on test progress, defects and risks. Trainees who successfully completed all assignments will be sent a certificate upon completion of the training.

At the TestNet Autumn Event Testersuite will be present as the main sponsor. Make a note in your agenda: Wednesday, October 14 at the NBC in Nieuwegein.

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