Testersuite customer afternoon again inspiring

November 15, 2019

On 14 November Testersuite users gathered for the annual customer afternoon. The roadmap for 2020 was well received by those present. The group discussion provided interesting insights and ideas that the Testersuite team will work with.

Plans 2020

Product owner Frank Paymans gave a good look at Testersuite 's plans for 2020. The fortnightly release of Testersuite ensures that new functionalities are rolled out quickly and gradually. This brings a fast acceptance by users in terms of interface and functionalities.

Outside the box

For the group discussion, the question was asked to think completely outside the box with regard to new functionalities. This yielded interesting new ideas that the Testersuite team will be working on in the near future. Although we wonder if Testersuite the movie is really going to happen...

Frank Paymans in discussion with Testersuite customers
Frank Paymans in discussion with Testersuite users

Test automation game

The 'test automation game' provided by Wouter Claessens of PTWEE was interesting. Different insights led to interesting discussions between the attendees. The fact that several answers in the game were correct certainly contributed to this.

The Testersuite Team is looking forward to presenting some of the functionalities conceived in the group discussion at the next customer afternoon.

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