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The Voice, DevOps, Die Hards and Testersuite fans.

December 17, 2020

The Voice, DevOps, Die Hards and Testersuite fans.

How do you organize an annual event in 2020? This question became increasingly prominent as the annual Testersuite fan day approached. As the developer of a SaaS tool, the answer was quickly found. The annual Testersuite fan day had to take place online.

Book on Quality for Devops teams, A Testersuite coffee mug and software package Testersuite PREMIUM.

The implementation

An online session with all Testersuite fans turned out to be the best alternative. Most Testersuite fans are test-savvy enough to talk at length about software testing. But how do you keep everyone enthralled for two-and-a-half hours? The solution was a mix of interesting topics larded with a cliffhanger for die hards...

The chosen format proved to be a great success! In an interview Testersuite product-owner Frank shed light on the effect of the strange year 2020 on the organization and the application. Afterwards, Frank gave a glimpse of the development within the Testersuite application for 2021.

The Voice

The Testersuite Team likes to listen to the Testersuite fans. Therefore, the opportunity was given to vote on developments and functionalities within the Testersuite application. The participants of the fan day took full advantage of this. Because Testersuite has a bi-weekly update cycle, new functionalities and technical adjustments are introduced on a regular basis.


Anyone who knows Rik Marselis knows that you can safely characterize him as an authority within the testing profession. Not surprisingly, Rik captivated Testersuite fans for an hour with his presentation on "Quality for DevOps Teams." In a passionate talk, Rik talked about the movement toward high performance IT delivery. Think Scrum and DevOps. How do you create IT systems with new ways and how do you ensure quality?

Die Hards

That Testersuite fans are loyal was shown by the fact that most of the attendees stayed online until the last moment. Which of course was not least due to the cliffhanger "a giveaway is for die hards only". Playfully, Testersuite fans were offered the opportunity to get a unique Testersuite relic. What this relic is? Well....a giveaway is for die hards only....

We thank all Testersuite fans for attending! Hopefully the Testersuite fan day will be back on location next year. Stay safe and keep on happy testing!

The Testersuite Team.

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