Testersuite defects handling in JIRA

December 16, 2016

Testersuite contains a standard module for registering and handling test findings. The defects created in Testersuite can easily be transferred to JIRA. Your external IT partner and/or your SCRUM team can then handle the Testersuite defects in JIRA. The defects in Testersuite and the corresponding issues in JIRA will be kept in sync continuously. Each change in JIRA is immediately implemented in Testersuite and vice versa by means of the JIRA link.

Stay informed about defects through JIRA link

When a defect is transferred to JIRA, the corresponding attachments and comments are also transferred. The defect in Testersuite and the issue in JIRA are linked from that moment on. Status changes, changes in the attachments and in the comments are kept the same both ways. This way the tester of the defect in Testersuite is always up to date about the status of his defect that is taken up in JIRA.

Schematic JIRA link with Testersuite
Schematic JIRA link with Testersuite

Next version

The next version of the Testersuite - JIRA link will be available in early 2017. In this version it will be possible to transfer user-stories in JIRA to Testersuite. In Testersuite a requirement is created for each JIRA user-story. The requirements (JIRA user-stories) are then tested in Testersuite where test results are directly linked to the requirements. With standard reports you have in Testersuite continuous access to the test progress and coverage of the requirements.

Are you interested in the standard Testersuite - JIRA link? Then please contact us. We can set up the link for you within one day.

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