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Testing standard applications. Here's how to do it!

December 12, 2022

To test standard applications or not?

In many organizations, testing and checking of the applications being used is a secondary concern. Everyone knows that it is important to properly test new releases and changes. Yet often there is too little or no proper testing. Why should you?

If there are few production problems then there is no reason to improve the testing process, is there? On top of that, a lot of standard (SaaS) applications are used. Surely those are tested by the vendor? So improving the testing process is really not necessary, a waste of time!


Is the above statement really that accurate? Are they just not the standard application that you need to test carefully?

So how do you do that and where do you start? Read more about it in our white paper Testing Standard Applications. How to do it! Request the whitepaper here.

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