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Webinar: Testing in the cloud with the power of simplicity!

March 24, 2020

How do you manage the testing process when your testers work at different locations or from home? This question is more topical than ever. The importance of a well-functioning IT environment and applications is great and only increases. We see more and more that test managers are directly involved in every new IT project. This is the only way to avoid that repairing errors and reducing risks at a later stage of the project costs an exponential amount of money. But how do you organise this as a test manager if your team works remotely?

Episode of cartoon Test Cees and Kees about testing in the cloud.

Webinar: Testing in the Cloud with the Power of Simplicity

Testing in Excel is hell. Especially when your test process is extensive and your testers are at a physical distance. Files are distributed by email, defects is collected by email or entered into a shared Excel list by the testers and all documentation and correspondence is scattered around. In this chaos, the test manager loses the overview with all its risks.

By centralising the test process with a good test management tool, you can prevent all this misery. To help organisations make a flying start with such a tool, we are organising the webinar in the coming weeks: Testing in the cloud with the power of simplicity. Every Thursday at 10:00 am we will show you how you can quickly and easily organise your testing process from the cloud. You can register using the form below.

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