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Simple and Single Sign On

May 11, 2018

It is in our DNA to make complex things simple. Of course, not everything is easy to explain and something can just be very complex. But why should that bother a user? Imagine a car salesman explaining the complete operation of the engine to you. You don't want that. Why should it be any different for software testing? Mature test management stands or falls with simplicity and thus a grip on processes.

Single sing on

In our mission of making the work of testers, test managers and test coordinators simpler and more auditable, we keep Testersuite under constant scrutiny. In this blog, we discuss simplifying user management of Testersuite with Single Sign On.

Cloud services and shadow IT

It is nothing new that the number of applications within IT environments is increasing. One of the reasons for this is the increase in (free) cloud services and the number of working millennials. And don't forget the accompanying invisible growth of shadow IT.

As an administrator, how do you keep a grip on this? And how do you prevent users from having to use different passwords and logins? For the cloud, the standard Active Directory seems to fall short here. This sometimes makes the choice of migrating to the cloud or purchasing cloud services difficult for organisations.

User management

We also gave the above issue considerable thought. Of course, it has long been possible for our customers to manage Testersuite users themselves. The question now is how we can simplify this even further. And more importantly, how can we make this even easier for the users and administrators of Testersuite . The answer is Single Sign On, or as we like to call it ourselves: Simple Sign On πŸ˜‰

Under the bonnet

Rest assured, we are not going to give an extensive treatise on how this works under the bonnet. What we can reveal is that we do this by means of two essential things, namely:

  • ADFS connection (Active Directory Federal Services)
  • SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)

In doing so, we offer users of Testersuite two major advantages:

  • Grip on the user management of cloud applications
  • Simplicity for users by means of login via usual login credentials

Specifically for users of Testersuite in the education sector, we partner with SURFconext. The Single Sign On partner for Education.


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