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Testing SaaS applications as a user? Yes, of course!

May 7, 2024

I'm using SaaS applications! Is testing still necessary then?

In daily practice, we sometimes run into misunderstandings about software testing. Top of the list is the misunderstanding about testing SaaS applications.

A common saying here is, "We use SaaS applications, so we don't need to test." Let's clear up this misunderstanding right away: If you use SaaS applications, you need to test them!

‍Butthe SaaS vendor has already tested, right?

That the vendor tests its own SaaS software is to be hoped for. If this is the case then technical testing, perfomance testing, security testing and functional testing may have been done. If these tests prove positive the software is then offered online.

So why do I need to test a SaaS application myself?

The answer to this is easier than you think. Does the SaaS vendor know how and what you will use the software for? Does he know what other systems you will link to his SaaS application? Which critical business processes will you run through the SaaS application and where are the risks for you as a user of the SaaS application? What about the security of personal data within your IT landscape and the links to SaaS solutions?

An auditor or accountant might just start asking questions about this during an audit within your organization.

Saas applications testing based on risk

Software testing is always about mitigating risks and reducing the likelihood of errors. So it is important to have risks and the likelihood of errors clearly in mind before testing.

A software application with customization does not necessarily carry the most risk and opportunity for error. A SaaS applications does not necessarily carry the least chance of errors and risks.

Therefore, determine in advance where the biggest risks of the SaaS application you are using are before you start testing. For example, if you are using Microsoft 365 from the cloud within your organization, the chances of errors and risks are very small. A user acceptance test and a functional acceptance test then do not seem very valuable.

However, if you are using a SaaS application in which you have linked billing data to a customer management system, for example, then you are talking about a completely different risk profile. An acceptance test is then a no-brainer.

The one critic about testing SaaS applications

A wise person once said, "You can't win them all." That's right. There is always someone who is critical of testing SaaS applications. Often accompanied by the comment that when you buy a car, you don't go test it yourself either.

A comparison that is totally impossible to make. After all, cars are made for the purpose of transportation, where we have legislated how you as a driver operate in traffic. In addition, there is a lot of legislation that car manufacturers must comply with before a car can hit the road at all. As a result, there is a lot of testing that needs to be done.

For software, there is hardly any legislation regarding its marketing. Let alone legislation regarding the use of software. So anyone can develop and market software. That's why software testing is so important!

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