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Test manager moves to center quality management

October 23, 2018

Testersuite helps you as a test manager to gain visibility and grip on the testing process. That's great but, of course, the testing process is not an isolated process. There are many dependencies and interfaces with other IT processes. Quality goes beyond the testing process alone. It is therefore important that the test tooling you use responds to this. At Testersuite , we understand this like no other. That's why you can use Testersuite as a Quality Portal.



‍Spinin the web

Important question for you as a test manager is how do you become that spider in the web? So in this, your tooling is decisive. After all, if you want to make a move to the center of quality management, say the Quality Portal, then integration with other tools is a necessity. By integrating with other IT processes that determine quality management, you increase your grip and control on quality processes. Let's start by looking at what the playing field looks like and where the "quick wins" are with the already existing links in Testersuite.

Quality Portal - the playing field

Which processes then determine the playing field within quality management?

To give you an impression, we have listed some examples :

  • Changes that are implemented using a change process must be tested
  • Requirements that are entered into the requirement management process are eventually realised and tested.
  • User-stories that are realised within scrum teams must be tested. Not only within the scrum team but also acceptance (testing) by the business is important.
  • Test findings from the test process must be resolved in the development (scrum) process

Testersuite is easy to link with tools used within other IT processes - as mentioned above. For example, we offer standard links with commonly used tools. Think of integration with TOPdesk and JIRA.

We are in the process of expanding to new standard links, for example, with Microsoft TFS and Servicenow. And that's not all. For example, we also offer standard links to tools for automated regression testing available in Testersuite ; and we are expanding this further....

REST API Testersuite

But fair is fair, given the number of tools in the market, we cannot provide standard links for all the tools our customers use. However, we strive to make integrationwith tools - for which we do not (yet) have a standard link - accessible . Therefore, we have developed a REST API (Application Programming Interface) at Testersuite . This allows you as a test manager to create links with tools used by you and/or your colleagues in the testing and quality process. Want to know how this works? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.

Blackboard showing question mark

What is a REST API?

With a REST API, we unlock data from Testersuite so that it becomes possible to use it in other systems and/or tools. Of course this also works the other way around. Thus, data from other systems and/or tools can also be read into Testersuite. Freely translated, you can call it a technical interface between two or more systems. Want to know more about the operation of this REST API? contact us.

What do you think?

A mature testing process does not mean you have grown . This is what we tell our clients but also apply to ourselves. Not entirely coincidentally, more and more quality managers are also hooking into the modern testing process. We see a development in terms of shift from mature test management to quality management; or if you will to the Quality Portal. This is why we at Testersuite continue to develop continuously.

Therefore, it is very important for us to connect with you as a test manager. We like to hear your opinion and your vision on the testing profession. We have already had great conversations with test managers at Radboud UMC and Action. Would you like to let us know what you think or would you like to know more about Testersuite? Or would you like to be considered for a 'Let's talk about test'? Please contact us via this link.

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