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Anonymising personal data during testing.

June 15, 2018

Also as a tester you have to deal with personal data. What does this mean for you as a tester in connection with the new AVG, GDPR or privacy law? Can you still record test findings which contain personal data? Or do you have to anonymise these and if so, how do you anonymise them?

Anonymising data on the Internet

Data leak

Test results and test findings are still all too often shared via email and spreadsheets. This only increases the chance of a data breach. Not a pleasant thought if your defects and results contain personal data.


When we speak of a mature test process, compliancy is an important part of it. In the context of creating a burden of proof, it is therefore advisable to take a good look at the testing process. How and what is tested? How and where are results and defects recorded? And does this all fit within the regulations?

Anonymising personal data

Within the Testersuite Team, we are always talking about test maturity and taking it to the next level. Away from the "Excel phase" and loose emails. At Testersuite we are constantly working to make testing professional and easy. In the context of the AVG, with the most recent release of Testersuite (releases occur bi-weekly) we have added an additional functionality. Namely, anonymizing personal data.

How do you do that in Testersuite?

The animation below shows how to easily and quickly anonymize personal data in Testersuite . Once the tester clicks the 'save' button, the anonymized personal data are permanently gone. For users of Testersuite , this functionality is described in detail in the release notes.

animation of anonymizing personal data in Testersuite
Example anonymizing in Testersuite.

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