May 7, 2021

New partnership helps housing associations with professional testing

New partnership helps housing associations with professional testing

February 8, 2021

Housing corporations provide more and more online services. As a result, the application landscape is growing and so is the need for professional software testing within the housing corporation sector. The demand from housing corporations for expertise in the field of test process improvement is increasing significantly. Reason enough for Hoffman Krul & Partners (HKP) and Testersuite to join forces in a new partnership.

Frank and Alexander toast new partnership to help housing associations with professional testing
Frank Paymans (Testersuite) and Alexander Stuivenwold (HKP)

Implementation partnership professional testing

The cooperation between HKP and Testersuite is aimed at supporting housing corporations in professionalising the test process. On the one hand by advising and supporting the design of the test process and on the other hand by coordinating and performing test activities. The combination of test knowledge (HKP) and tool knowledge (Testersuite) makes a strong proposition to help housing associations further in their test maturity. The result of the cooperation is that more housing corporations can take the step towards a professional test process.

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Would you like to know more about what Testersuite and HKP can mean for your organisation? Or do you have questions about the test maturity of your test process? Please send an email to Clickhere for more partnerships of Testersuite .

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