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Don't make test process improvement more difficult than it is

December 16, 2019

Many organisations realise that the testing of systems can and must be improved. There is a lot of testing going on, but there is no coherence, there is no overview and there is the feeling that the wheel is constantly being reinvented. And this while the IT environment is rapidly becoming more complex, the impact of errors can be enormous and changes are implemented more often and faster.

Testing must be improved, that much is clear. But how do you approach this, where do you start and how do you get the organisation on board? In this blog we will answer these questions and explain why you should not make test process improvement more difficult than it is.


Create awareness

To start with, it is important to create awareness. And we do not mean the awareness that it is important to improve the testing process. That is often obvious. We mean the importance of making people aware of the fact that it is possible to improve the testing process without it taking a lot of extra time. When this is done in the right way, it is even possible to save time immediately. When people are aware of this, there is more willingness to change.

First the process and then the tool?

Many organizations believe that when improving the testing process, the process must first be completely clear before an appropriate tool can be sought. Sounds logical, but this is still not the best approach. After all, the design of the test process, the test organization and the design of a test tool go hand in hand. The condition is then that the test tool is based on best practices. With this, the testing process is largely already predefined in the tool. To fine tune the tool to the way the organization works, it should be possible to configure the tool. Example: Testersuite is based on best practices and is also fully configurable.

Get out of the 'Excel phase

Excel (and Word) are often used to create test scripts, test reports and the like. This is also obvious because Excel is a tool that is usually available and people are used to working with it. However, when you want to improve the test process and ask your employees to work in a certain way, it is not wise to support this process with Excel and Word documents. The test process may be described, but implementing and securing the process is difficult. Excel and Word are by definition not suitable tools for securing a process. If you do try, there is a good chance that people will drop out because it is all very laborious. You only get one chance to make a first impression! So introduce a professional tool straight away and skip the 'Excel phase'!

Another new tool?

When a testing tool is introduced when improving the testing process, resistance often arises. This is understandable. People feel they have to relearn how to work with a new tool. This means taking training courses and getting used to a new tool in practice. But what if there is a tool that works so intuitively that training users is not necessary? A tool that users can get used to very quickly, even if they don't work with the tool on a daily basis. This is exactly where the power of Testersuite lies.

Practice shows that Testersuite is accepted very quickly, also because it immediately makes the work of testers easier. An example is the possibility to add and edit screen shots directly when registering test findings. Another example is the possibility to send users automatic triggers when they can start testing or when they can retest test findings.

When people already have Excel test scripts, they are often reluctant to work with another tool because they have to import the existing test scripts. However, this problem is solved if existing test scripts can be imported into the new tool. Testersuite has a very user-friendly import function for importing test scripts.

Start small and put it into practice immediately

Often the introduction of a testing tool is postponed because there is no time due to projects. While this is precisely the ideal time to start using a tool such as Testersuite. And it immediately saves time! Most IT projects involve a lot of testing and this is the perfect opportunity to start working with a good test tool. A condition is that the tool can be set up quickly and people in the project can start using it immediately. It is also advisable to start with the most important functionalities of the tool. Testersuite also offers this flexibility.

Demonstrate in practice that it works

Management naturally thinks something of the purchase of a new tool. A budget must be allocated and so a business case must be made. But when the tool is very affordable and a free version of the tool can be started then this hurdle is also perfectly manageable. Testersuite FREE supports the entire testing process from creating and executing test cases to recording test findings. With up to five users you can demonstrate in practice the added value of a good testing tool. Then it's a lot easier to convince management. From there you can purchase Testersuite PRO or PREMIUM to get started with more colleagues.

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