Testing HiX with 1,300 changes per month. How to do it?

June 29, 2018

On Tuesday 26 June Testersuite organised, in cooperation with the Jeroen Bosch Hospital, the webinar 'Better care through better testing'. In this webinar, the JBZ shared experiences with professionalising the testing process. The reason for this was the implementation of the new EPD in November 2017 and the testing of HiX.

Testing HiX

It came as a surprise to various participants in the Webinar 'Better care through better testing'. As many as 1,300 changes per 4 weeks are involved in the new JBZ EPD. The testing of HiX was a major challenge for the JBZ.

Process owners

With a hotfix (completely new release) every fortnight and a content update every four weeks, the JBZ faced a challenge. How are you going to organise this? Is a test management tool desirable and how do you set this up? These questions were the start for the JHA to lift the test process to a mature level. The first step that the JBZ took was to look at the business processes. Subsequently, process owners (at a higher management level) were appointed and teams were formed. In addition to the process owners (sometimes several per team), administrators, super users and key users were assigned to the teams. With a fixed frequency of every four weeks, the process owners consultation was then introduced in order to be able to make decisions.

Efficient testing

Not all monthly 1,300 changes are equally important. The JBZ uses release notes to determine which changes need to be tested by means of an impact analysis. On average, half of the number of changes need to be tested. This already represents a major efficiency gain. Another measure taken by the JBZ is the use of the test management tool Testersuite. With this tool, the JBZ keeps a grip on its test process, builds up regression test sets and documents the processes and defects . The burden of proof in the context of audits and compliancy is thus also safeguarded.

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