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Automated testing. A mosquito or a bee?

September 25, 2018

The hum of the large colony of testers will be heard again during the autumn event TestNet on 10 October. Appropriate, because the theme of the organisation is 'Do the buzzwords of testing mislead us? And of course, the buzzword automated testing will also be present.

Testing a bee behind a laptop

Mosquito or bee?

The metaphor of 'buzzwords' naturally comes from the word buzz, something that buzzes around. If we take the metaphor a step further, we can say that one buzzword (such as the buzzing of a useful bee) has more value than another buzzword (such as the irritating buzzing of a mosquito). One buzzword that insiders say has been buzzing around for 25 years is automated testing. The question now is whether we are talking about the buzz of a bee or a mosquito.

Still in the Excel phase

As the leading party in the Netherlands in the field of test management tooling, we regularly hear IT organisations talking about automated testing. Mainly based on the idea that the 'tedious' test process no longer needs any attention. If you then know that most IT organisations who shout this are still in the Excel phase in terms of test maturity, the question arises whether they have a grip on their own test process.

Impact automated testing

The answer is that many IT managers, but also quality managers and project managers, are not aware of the impact of automated testing on their business processes. Are all (test) processes clear and what is the effect on related tooling to enable automated testing? Think of tools for the scrum team, for project management, for IT service management and for test management.


Whether it is the test manager, the business manager, the project manager or the quality manager, all benefit from well-run processes. This means meeting numerous quality requirements that all intertwine. And this is exactly the area in which Testersuite enters as a quality portal for various disciplines within an organization.

Advice or Demo?

Automated testing? Yes definitely, but be prepared. Stop by our booth during TestNet's fall event for a good talk or advice. Or try Testersuite for free through our website.

Buzzing yourself?

In this blog, we talked about buzzing. Want to test if you're good enough not to cause buzzing? Then try the one and only Testersuite Bibber Test at our booth during TestNet. Follow the sound of the buzzer to find our booth.

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