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Return of the Freddy

March 1, 2022

"The Force works in mysterious ways." We are well aware of this at Testersuite . For example, "the other side" is sometimes so tempting that a team member from Testersuite makes a switch. We understand that. Sometimes you have to let something go and then find it again.

Freddy Offenga with hoodie as Jedi knight
Development Jedi returns at Testersuite

How nice it is then, when the old saying "The Force is too strong" turns out to apply. Last year, our development Jedi, Freddy Offenga, left the Testersuite Team. But the lure of "The Force" proved too strong for him. It is with joy that the Testersuite Team announces "The return of the Freddy." Available March 1 at Testersuite, online in HD or live at the office.

Welcome back Freddy. May the force be with you!

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