Digital hay fever

April 24, 2019

With 'The Digital Spring' TestNet announces this year's spring event. Hundreds of testers will gather like happy lambs in the TestNet spring meadow on 15 May to celebrate the digital spring. But what does the digital spring entail...?


If we extend the metaphor of the digital spring, we see an image of IT people who are hormonally buzzing and easily fall in love with new systems. Everything looks sunnier and therefore a new application is more easily purchased.

Testersweets digital spring
Testersweets 2x daily against digital hay fever

And with the first flush of springtime love, the flaws are easily swept away. But just as inevitable as the arrival of the digital spring is the arrival of digital hay fever. All newly born bits and bytes can cause terrible irritation to the digital airways. They are not called 'bugs' for nothing. Little annoying bugs that can cause employees to suddenly call in sick. And then the digital spring starts to look less sunny after all.

The cure

For example, digital hay fever in the digital spring can make the digital summer hot, dry or just soaking wet, resulting in a dried up or washed out business. And as an IT manager, that's not what you want. Fortunately, there is such a thing as a good cure for all this digital spring suffering. Namely a professional and intuitive test management tool. Testersuite offers test managers the possibility to prepare the test cycle , to execute it and to keep a grip on it. We call this a mature test process. If you, as a test manager, want to come through the digital spring unscathed, then this is no superfluous luxury. With Testersuite you as a test manager ensure that the digital summer will be mild and pleasant.

Long-term result

If we may continue to communicate in metaphors. After the digital spring, a digital winter will eventually follow. What once looked very promising will one day be on the wane again. This means that innovation and/or improvement is needed to make the step to a new digital spring. In this case, too, Testersuite continues to offer a solution. By combining previously performed tests as regression test with new test cases, the test manager remains constantly 'in control' of the test process. This way he can stay ahead of a new threat of digital hay fever in the inevitably returning digital spring.

As a symbol against digital hay fever, we are pleased to offer you our Testersweets. Our advice is to take them twice a day. If you come across us on TestNet, don't hesitate to ask!

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