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The spectre of the new release

May 2, 2019

Who has not experienced this before? You choose a specific cloud application to make your life a little easier. The application fits well with the wishes of the users and everyone is satisfied. Until the release ghost comes around the corner with a new release...

Laptop showing failed screen

Useful functionalities have suddenly disappeared, new functionalities prove to be clumsy and the modified structure of the application is illogical. Users get lost within the application and the process supported by the application stagnates. Whether it is a test tool or another application. If the supplier delays the release of new releases for too long, this will lead to annoyance or irritation and people will start looking for alternatives. Having become wiser through experience, people no longer look only at functionalities. They also look at the manner and frequency of the release of new releases.

Support for the test tool

As a test manager you have carefully chosen a test tool. You have put a lot of energy in supporting the test process and the workflow of your test tool. Application managers, test coordinators and key users are working extensively with the test tool you have chosen. And then after six months the supplier comes with a major release. As outlined above, a release can wipe out the entire support base for the chosen working method. And that puts you as a test manager in a very awkward position. How are you going to solve this? How do you win back the testers' trust with regard to the chosen test tool? And maybe even more important, can you still work with your chosen test tool? Not only can this cause a delay in your projects, but you will also have to report to higher management. Time you could have better spent on completing your test cycles.

Testersuite vs the release ghost

The situation outlined above is an everyday occurrence. The Testersuite team regularly encounters such situations with organizations looking for a replacement testing tool. A key question we are then asked is, "How does Testersuite handle new releases?"

We fully understand that maintaining the support created is extremely important for the continuity of the testing process. Based on this understanding, we at Testersuite believe that new releases of our test tool should be manageable. Therefore, we release every two weeks. This makes new and adapted functionalities as well as changes in the interface easy for users to adopt. This means that there is hardly any disruption to the ongoing testing process. Another advantage is that changes and extensions desired by customers can be realized quickly.

Faster recovery

Of course, sometimes things go wrong. Our users may experience a change as unpleasant or undesirable. Because we make a new release available every fourteen days, we are able to solve these kinds of issues quickly. This prevents loss of support or disruption of the testing process for our users.

Investing in quality

You may wonder why not all cloud vendors choose to release new releases on a regular basis. The answer to that is simple. If a vendor does not invest enough in the quality of the application and the delivery process, then rolling out new releases very frequently is going to lead to major problems. At Testersuite , we have been investing in quality for years. This enables us to roll out releases with bug fixes and new features to our customers every two weeks, without down-time.

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