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"Everything about Testersuite is convenience. You can, so to speak, pull an unknown person off his bike and let him work with Testersuite ".
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Pascal van den Brink

Test coordinator at HANOS.
"The approachability and ease of use of Testersuite is the way to bring non-IT people into the testing process."

Maastricht UMC+

Henk Egberink
"Our test automation tool was not ideally set up. We rectified that by starting with Testersuite among others."


Henk van de Wardt
"Testersuite helps to create a basis for acceptance by, among other things, finding defects early in the test phase."


Koen Janssen
"Tools like Testersuite are the future because you can manage and streamline test cycles very well."


Bart Kuunders
"By using Testersuite , we make the quality of testing transparent and can easily manage progress."


Sander Hassert
"With Testersuite we are able to quickly and properly test new releases of our EHR."


Sander Keijzer
"I have successfully introduced all projects at the Eindhoven City Council thanks to Testersuite. This was appreciated time and time again."

Municipality of Eindhoven

Paul van der Geer
"Testersuite provides the ideal platform for deploying our Test Shop Infrastructure at customers' premises."


Robert Cornelisse
"Reuse of test sets, which we have built up in Testersuite , saves a lot of time when SAP is rolled out to our sites."


Pascal v.d. Brink
"Testersuite contributes to the test maturity within the province of North Brabant by tackling the test process in a more structured way."

Province of North Brabant

Daniëlle Verduin
"Testersuite gives us control over the testing process and simplifies the management of the user acceptance tests.

Jeroen Bosch Hospital

Rinus v.d. Oever
"Testersuite has helped the Municipality of Apeldoorn to bring focus, structure and simplicity to the testing process.

Municipality of Apeldoorn

Rob van Gils
"Thanks to the clear test reports, we were able to make timely adjustments and take well-founded decisions."


Frans Kassenaar
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Testersuite delivers powerful SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions, accessible from any workstation.

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Testersuite delivers powerful SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions, accessible from any workstation.

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Testersuite delivers powerful SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions, accessible from any workstation.

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We deliver secure and affordable SaaS solutions, accessible from any workstation.

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We develop user-friendly and affordable test tools that seamlessly integrate with your development process.

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